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I read all books in order of receiving them unless they have a deadline requirement. In these cases, the deadline book will jump to the top of the list.


All books read will be posted/promoted on my blog site as soon as I receive the confirmation to review a book unless otherwise stated by the Author.


I post my reviews on Amazon, goodreads and my blog site as soon as humanly possible, and share the links on my Facebook blog page and occasionall my twitter account.


I try to keep my reviews spolier free unless otherwise instructed and I keep my reviews honest without offending the author if I dislike the book.


Please understand that I do have children so occasionally it may take me a little longer to finish a book than I would like, but generally I try to read them in one sitting.


If you would like to have a book reviewed or if there is a review you would like to see on my Blog, please click HERE to send me an email.



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